Our fees are very simple.

We charge a flat rate for standard mortgages of between 490€ and 990€ dependent upon the complexity of your case. (Please contact us for confirmation.)

Many lenders now make no payments to mortgage brokers but rather than not working with such lenders when comparing the market, we have continued to compare and offer all of their products to all of our clients – hence the variation in fee. Any broker telling you they will work with all Spanish lenders and not charge a fee - well that simply is not a viable business model as choosing a lender who makes no payment means they would make no money whatsoever on the mortgage. As such we would urge skepticism when dealing with such individuals/companies.

For complex mortgages, commercial loans, equity release and multiple property cases, we charge from 1% of the loan amount (minimum fee 1,000€)

We do no take fees upfront – no mortgage, no fee and you should not pay anyone else upfront especially if they say it is for a “drive-by valuation…” – this is a well known scam in Spain

All we ask is that you disclose all information that we ask for so we can do our very best to get you a mortgage.

Fees are charged at the time of valuation which only happens once you have been approved and had your application fully confirmed in writing with all documentation submitted to the lender.

Compare our fixed rate to most other brokers who charge 1% or more for standard mortgages:

  • 250,000€ mortgage
  • Normal fee: 2,500€
  • SpanishMortgage.org: 490€
  • Saving: 2,010€

We firmly believe we offer our clients the very best value for money.