We are a group of independent mortgage brokers based in mainland Spain and Tenerife.

Whilst there are no recognisable qualifications required to give mortgage advice in Spain, our advisers are all from the regulated UK financial services industry and hold CeMAP 1,2 and 3 (Certificate Mortgage Advice and Practice).

We have been advising on mortgages for over 10 years so when it comes to the Spanish mortgage market we really are experts and can provide you the client with access to more than 100 Spanish mortgage products. These come from a mix of banks and Cajas in Spain, the UK and from offshore lenders.

Because of the lack of regulation, it is imperative that you deal with professional advisers. In the “boom times” the Costas were plagued by dodgy brokers touting their wares to anybody who would listen, charging and hiding extortionate fees and giving advice that in many cases was illegal. The consequences of bad mortgage advice can be disastrous and if you are talked into submitting false documentation, over-declaring the purchase price, under-declaring the purchase price etc you risk large fines, repossession and loss of your property and in the most serious cases a prison term.

We do not deal with false documentation, we will not mislead banks and we refuse to work with unscrupulous agents. Our firm belief is that the market is improving and such practices should hopefully disappear as Spain increases its vigilance and comes more into line with international and European money laundering laws and regulations.

If you wish to ensure you receive only the very best advice, contact us now.

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