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  • Rates from Euribor +2.75% giving overall rate of 3.5% – the lowest on the market
  • 2 years interest only mortgages at 50% of purchase price
  • 20 Spanish mortgage lenders
  • Over 30 Spanish mortgage products

We deal with more than 20 Spanish banks and have access to more than 30 Spanish mortgage products

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Spanish mortgages are available at up to 70% of the purchase price or valuation, whichever is the lower.

Unfortunately the following types of mortgage applications in Spain will not be successful:

  • Self-cert clients with unprovable income
  • Clients with bad credit in their home country
  • Clients wishing to purchase more than 2 properties in Spain
  • Residents who show no income (paid in cash)
  • Clients over the age of 65

Even during the economic crisis there are many banks which still offer mortgages to non residents purchasing property in Spain. But there are also lots of banks advertising mortgages in their windows who will not offer decent mortgages to non residents. Most of the headline rates you see will be for Spanish residents.

Unfortunately there are no “Best buy” tables published in Spain that apply to non-resident buyers either which is why it pays to have a professional and experienced mortgage broker shop around for you. Int he current environment this is not just to find you the best interest rate but to just make sure that there is actually a mortgage out there that gives you what you need be it the length of term, the amount you need to borrow, a mortgage on a specific type of property etc.

Once we can confirm that you are actually eligible for a Spanish mortgage then we can tell you what sort of documentation require. This varies depending on how you derive your income. Employed applicants have very different requirements to Self employed clients. Many of our clients are expatriates working offshore in places such as France, Switzerland, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Canada, the USA, Russia etc. Many Spanish banks will not know where to start with such an application and such will spend a bit of time trying to determine what documents to ask for before turning you down. Others can be worse, going through the entire application process, including collecting all of your documentation before deciding they can only lend you a very small amount or worse still – nothing at all!

So don´t waste weeks and months of your time (especially when you may have a completion deadline) trying to arrange your own Spanish mortgage in a country whose financial services market you are completely unfamiliar with when we can provide with all of the mortgage advice you require immediately and for a very low fee which is only payable if you obtain a mortgage.